Fund Name Southchina Yitai VCC - Sinogrowth
Bloomberg Ticker HGNHAM1 SP Equity
Reuters RIC Code LP68637454
ISIN SGXZ41685926
Base Currency USD
Fund Manager Nanhua Asset Management SG PTE. LTD.
Jurisdiction Singapore VCC
Share Class Class A Class B Class C
Subscription Charge Waived Waived Waived
Management Fee 0.50% Initial Subsciption
>5mil - 1%
<5mil - 1.5%
Target Return 5.00% N/A N/A
Performance Fee N/A Initial Subsciption
>5mil - 10%
<5mil - 20%
0.50% in 12 Months 0.50% in 12 Months N/A
Redemption Charge Waived Waived Waived
High Watermark N/A Yes Yes
Fund Administrator DBS Bank Singapore
Fund Custodian DBS Bank Singapore
Fund Auditor EisnerAmper Singapore
基金名称 南华怡泰-神州成长基金
彭博代码 HGNHAM1 SP Equity
路透代码 LP68637454
ISIN 代码 SGXZ41685926
货币 美金
基金经理 南华资管新加坡有限公司
管辖权 新加坡 VCC
类型 A级 B级 C级
认购费 免收 免收 免收
管理费率 0.50% 认购数额
>5百万 - 1%
<5百万 - 1.5%
预期收益率 5.00% N/A N/A
业绩提成 N/A 认购数额
>5百万 - 10%
<5百万 - 20%
提前赎回费 0.50% 12月内 0.50% 12月内 N/A
赎回费 免收 免收 免收
高水印 N/A Yes Yes
基金行政管理人 新加坡星展银行
基金托管行 新加坡星展银行
基金审计师 EisnerAmper
Investment Approach (sub-tab 2) |投资方式 以客户利益至上为导向的资产管理模式,无差别的对待来自全球不同地区的客户, 更悉心守护中国投资者在海外的资金安全和投资收益,以“优而精”的标准严格 地选择基金经理,对投资结果采取了二十多年的多情况分析和数学优化,为客户 提供更加优异和适合的产品

An asset management model advocates towards the supremacy of investor interests, with no discrimination to investors and taking care of the fund safety and investment income of investors, fund managers selection strictly based on the criteria of ‘excellence and precision’, with more than 20+ years of multi-case study analysis and mathematical optimization of investment results to provide customers with more exceptional and suitable products.

1.中国孕育着巨大的机会/ China Offers Huge Opportunities
China's technological innovation capabilities continue to improve, strategic high-tech breakthroughs continue, and the international influence of basic research has greatly increased

2.新消费与消费升级/ New Consumption and Consumption Evolution
改革开放以来,中国出现了三次消费升级,推动了经济高速发展,消费结构带动了产业升级。产业升级的不同阶段产生了各自优秀的企业,紧随时代发展脉搏去寻找和投资新的优秀企业。比如,传统 零售业与互联网、移动支付等信息技术紧密结合,催生了大量优秀企业,使零售与最终消费者完美衔接,增加了消费者福利,带来了新消费。
Since the reform and open-door policy, there have been three phases of consumption evolution in China, which has brought rapid economic development, and the consumption structure has driven industrial transformation. The different stages of industrial transformation have produced respective outstanding companies, and they are constantly looking for and investing in new great enterprises. For example, the traditional retail industry is closely integrated with the Internet, mobile payment and other information technologies, which has spawned a large number of extraordinary enterprises, perfectly connected the retail business with end consumers, increased consumer welfare, and brought out new consumption.

Based on the understanding of the changes in the world economic structure and the adjustment of international and domestic benefit distribution patterns, combined with changes in the development stages, prosperity and main business models of various industries, our investment targets is a search for companies that have undergone necessary tests and are currently in a favorable position and have formed a visionary and executable strategy inspired from past performance, with excellent operation, and are currently operating in a good condition, coupled with strong competitiveness, and a sustainable development planning.

4.这些投资标的往往顺应了行业竞争格局变迁和市场环境的深刻变化,能够较好的平衡产品组合的综合盈利能力和营收增长之间的关系,在追求快速发展的过程中又保持了较好的资产综合利用效率, 维持了较好的增长和财务安全之间的辩证关系。
These investment targets often conform to changes in the industry's competitive landscape and profound changes in the market environment, and can better balance the relationship between the comprehensive profitability of the product portfolio and revenue growth, in the process of pursuing rapid development, it has kept a better comprehensive utilization efficiency of assets while maintaining a dialectical relationship between better growth and financial security.

The fund intends to conduct an in-depth analysis of past profitability, asset utilization efficiency, and financial capabilities of these companies to reflect their business essence, study the business model and financial capabilities, to find those with high financial quality and growth certainty with strong, clear growth paths, prudent financial models yet with reasonable valuations.

Research on industries and companies is the starting point and focus of our research, but we will also adopt certain technical analysis based on market conditions to verify whether our views with the market are consistent.